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30th Reunion - WP Farmer's Market

Graduation Luncheon at the Maison de Jardin with Patty Sullivan, Susan Hostetter and Dani Zummo

Junior and Senior High School Days ....

​Please share photos from our school days ...... Glenridge, Maitland and Winter Park - maybe some from the youth center! Try to identify people in the pics if you can.
Dani Zummo Higdon, Sharon Stevenson Huffman, Becky Sewell Manuel...our 1st meeting at Becky

50th Reunion planning & Wrap Up Pics......

Serving on the reunion planning committee is rewarding in that you get to see these wonderful friends often. Sometimes we get together just for the FUN OF IT!
My Mom and her four boys! All of whom graduated from WPHS except for me. Gary, Steve Ken and Bill Deese

Classmates over the years ......

​Use this album to share pictures of your weddings, travels, and adventures!  This is the perfect place to show off your families - your spouses, children, grandchildren and pets! Don't forget to identify yourself.
Friday Night Meet and Greet at Armando's

50th Reunion - April 5-6, 2019

Friday night Meet & Greet - Armando's, Winter Park, Hannibal Square
Saturday morning Prayer Breakfast - Winter Park Women's Club
Saturday night festivities - Winter Park Women's Club
Marls O'Malley Waterfield, Dani Zummo Higdon, Susan Mishko Kessler

50th Reunion - Take 2

April 5 - 6 2019